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Welcome to Esel-Online.de
This site is the home of the RoverStar donkey farm.
Here we present the miniature donkeys that are currently for sale.
You can reach the Blog, where you can read about present events and or read many topics about donkeys.
Through the menu to the left you can getInformation regarding donkeys,
similar to the medical care of those, a picture gallery and so on.




The For Sale page has been updated.


RS Yoshi
RoverStar Yoshi
  RS Yoshi
RoverStar Yoshi
  RS Yoshi with mother
RoverStar Yoshi with mother RS Lulu

Mother: RS Lulu
Father : SA Yukon Jack

And here is RS Yoshi - 10 days early


RS Gino
RoverStar Gino
  RS Gino
RoverStar Gino
  RS Gino with mother
RoverStar Gino with mother GA Moshulu

Mother: GA Moshulu
Father : RS Gypsy

Gino will be moving to Yoda und Yuri in Switzerland in spring 2017.


RS Yuri
RoverStar Yuri
  RS Yoda
RoverStar Yoda

The future home of these two "guys" will be in Switzerland.


The first miniature donkey foal was born this year !

You'll find more information here !


At the moment we do not have any donkeys for sale.

But from June on there are foals and perhaps some grown miniature donkeys for sale.

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