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RoverStar wishes all Longear Lovers a Merry Christmas and a happy new year !


RoverStar Sontje takes another step to the adult age. The new photos are a good documentation. Some of Roverstar jennets also have new photos on their pages. Also Happy Valley Bolonger's pedigree is now availible for viewing.


The final date for the broadcast of the article about american minidonkeys with Diana Eichhorn is the
08.08.2009 .


There is a new date for the broadcast of the article about american minidonkeys with Diana Eichhorn. It will be shown on the 01.08.2009 in the show "Hund-Katze-Maus" of the TV sender "VOX". The date can change until 20.07.2009.


The newest changes:


And again new foals on our farm.
Filed under For Sale are two new Standard donkey male foals:
RoverStar Atréju, and RoverStar Pablo. Also RoverStar Sontje got a new photo.

Additionally the RoverStar Eselfarm had guests from the TV-folks.
The material about american minidonkeys with Diana Eichhorn will be shown on the 08.08.2009 in the show "Hund-Katze-Maus" of the TV sender "VOX". More information is availible in July.


Now two new foals on For Sale :
RoverStar Sontje, a Mini-donkey- female foal and RoverStar Malte, a Large Standard male foal.


First Ivory / Asinara - foal (white with blue eyes) born in Germany !
RoverStar Sweet Cream


The For Sale page is now up to date.

There is a new paper in Donkey Information. It has an english version labelled “Take care when breeding miniature donkeys”.

A page with medical information about donkeys and mules is now availible under Medizin für Esel & Mulis. Despite the german title most of the page is in english. Additionally there a some new Links.


Now availible: „Try out courses” for donkeys!


The year 2009 has a lot of news:

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