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Take care when breeding miniature donkeys
Severe warning - don´t breed with to small miniature jennets!
Story of my american miniature donkeys (translated via google )
Here is a piece of history of our american miniature donkeys.
Breeding criteria for donkeys (translated via google )
Here you'll find common criteria for breeding.
Hints for the donkey buy. (translated via google )
Some hints for the donkey purchase.
Information about the pricing & the registration of the american minidonkey (translated via google )
About what a registration requires & the influence towards the pricing
The miniature donkey is not the german "Zwergesel" (translated via google )
donkey sizes for reference
Blue eyes (translated via google )
A short description of the donkey breed of the Asinara-/Ivory and the Barockesel
Donkey - ABC, Differences donkey - horse (translated via google ABC , Diff. )
Hints for grooming, keeping & feeding, as well as a small list with differences to the horse
Donkey hooves - overview & care (translated via google )
Here are some informations about hoof care.
Donkey - Medicine /
Important Links for the medical and hoof care

Somes storys about the donkeys of the Rover Star Eselfarm

Here are some small storys about, with and from my donkeys.  The first story will be logically about my first donkey –                                       

Cäsar - my first donkey (translated via google )

The 2.Story is about my former Mammoth Jack Stock – “Duke”.
Duke the Poitou (translated via google )
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