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am. miniature donkey gelding RoverStar Romeo

  • born :
  • Stock measurement at birth :
    51 cm / 20 "
  • Species :
    american miniature donkey
  • Price :
    on request

Romeo and Dancer are a real dream team.
Growing up together they are almost like twins, get along great and "play-fight" almost daily.
Although they are still young, they could soon be used in therapy, for the disabled or for the elderly.
They love to be stroked and cleaned and come by themselves for "cuddles".
Of course they are also suitable for walks or as the in-house "therapists".
They complement each other in character - Romeo the elder is more cautious, Dancer, the little dirty sparrow (he has the talent to be in the wrong place), is a little more bold, unafraid.
They can be purchased together or separately.
Individually but only if donkey company is already present.


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